Application of Bilz Round Mounts ( BNSH120-32 ) for Rubber Mixing Mill at Prasad Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Customer: M/s. Prasad Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Pune,India (Manufacturer of Rubber erasers)

Machine: Rubber Mixing Mill

Number of Supports: 8

Location of Machine: First Floor

Problem faced: The mixing mill was placed on local made anti vibration mounts on the first floor of two storey industrial estate.As soon the mill was switched on, a lot of vibrations were created and transferred to the slab. The slab used to literally shake. All the neighbors in the industrial area used to complain about the vibration caused by the mill, due to which their precision machines such as turning & machining centers could not be run. Hence the rubber mill was shifted to the rented gala on the ground floor. Customer couldn’t use his own premises & had to pay rent of Rs.15000/-per month as rent.


Solution: BILZ has specific rubber plate B30 & B32 for upper floor application. For this rubber mixing mill application we suggested BNSH120-32 mount at 8 mounting points.

As the mill was started absolutely NO vibrations were transferred to the slab.

By spending only about Rs.10000/- the customer has saved about Rs. 1,20,000/- per year of rent apart from noise free environment for his staff & his neighbors.