Passive Vibration Insulation Plates application for TRIMOS Metroscope at M/s.John Deere Pvt.Ltd.

Customer: M/s.John Deere Pvt.Ltd.

Problem faced: Flickering of last digit of the display of TRIMOS Metro scope used for calibration of gauges. The last digit represents 0.01 micron.

Description: The metroscope was placed in the metrology. The last digit of the display was flickering when some vehicle or fork lift passes by. The problem was referred to us after lot of work on the digital display by TRIMOS engineers.

Solution Provided: Four Nos. B30W-1 (Passive vibration insulation plates) were placed in between surface plate & the stand. The problem of flickering of digit was immediately stopped. After successful usage of B30W-1 plates all the surface plates were provided with B30W-1 plates.