Bilz BiAir Air Spring used for Mitutoyo CMM for M/s.Anurang Engineering Ltd (Endurance Systems)

Customer: M/s.Anurang Engineering Ltd, Kanhe,Tal Maval Dist.Pune ( Now Endurance Systems Ltd. )

Problem Faced: Customer is having Mitutoyo CMM which was placed in between two Makino machining centers. Whenever heavy milling cut was taken on the milling machine, the customer couldn’t use the CMM. They have made it a practice to use CMM in certain period of time when there will be no heavy cuts on the machine.


Solution: For this problem it was suggested to use BILZ Biair 2 ED 2 Nos & Bi air 2.5 ED 1 No. at the leveling points of the CMM along with mechanical level controller. By putting this system both the machining centers & CMM can be used simultaneously. After successful commissioning of this system customer bought three more Bi-air systems for their Accurate CMM and suggested their sister concern M/s. Endurance Systems Ltd to buy one for their new Accurate CMM.